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In life, we all face the unthinkable: The end of the road of every cherished moment with a lost friend, a family, or our other half.

As we recall the past with joy, laughter, and sometimes, sorrow during the most challenging times with our loved ones, the best thing we could ever do is to send them a silent wish of eternal peace. It’s as if we bid them well as they transcend into a paradise of infinite serenity. And often, we symbolize our love with a floral gift.

Funeral cross arrangement

Funeral cross arrangement

Here in Fremantle, Western Australia, we gather together the most helpful information in sending flowers and arranging funeral services to ensure that proper message is conveyed and funeral rites are respected and honoured. From arranging floral gifts to choosing a funeral director and cemetery, this guide will ease your challenges in making decisions as you share your grief with friends and family.

Sending Flowers

Well-revered traditions of funeral floral arrangements are as old as history itself. From around the world, funeral rituals are practiced in many colours and shapes imaginable. It’s as if flowers are the universal language used when words fail in the moment of silence.

And when flowers become the only channel we use to speak to the departed, different floral colours convey different meanings. White, for example, represents perpetual peace, purity or a new beginning. Blue, on the other hand, gives an essence of calmness and comfort. These two colours are the most ideal choices when arranging funeral floral bouquets and baskets. Other floral colours include yellow for friendship, lavender for elegance, purple for honour and royalty, and pink for gentleness and subtle joy.

If the deceased happens to be your friend, you may also want to know his or her favourite colours and choose flower sets that match accordingly. Take note that among all colours, green is the least preferred as it represents good health and prosperity.

As solemn as a funeral rite ought to be, floral arrangements do not need to be sober and bland. Sometimes, mixing bright colours could portray our warmest and sincerest thoughts to the departed. Yes, losing someone may be a very painful process. But on a more profound note, we celebrate life and the memories we shared with the ones we’ve lost. And sometimes, a subtle grin appears in our faces as streams of uplifting memories come to mind.

Flower Arrangement

When flowers are arranged in a neat and orderly fashion, nothing in your floral gift could be seen as inappropriate. Among the most popular choices of flower arrangements are floral baskets, wreaths, crosses and hearts. Smaller vase bouquets are also a good and more affordable option.

large wreath on stand

large wreath on stand

These flower arrangements are usually displayed on easels for easy handling and viewing. Funeral floral arrangements are also lightweight that they can be carried easily and taken to the grave-site.


As in any funeral rites, checking the religious background of a friend or a loved one is highly important so as not to cross any line in terms of their religious affiliations or traditions. For example, it is very inappropriate to send a cross-shaped flower arrangement to a deceased friend whose religion was Islam. Other religions also value specific floral colours.

Casket Spray

Casket Spray

Here in Western Australia, you may contact a nearby florist and ask for guided details if you wish to send flowers to Fremantle. Spearwood Florist delivers flowers in Fremantle according to your specifications and have a huge selection to choose.

The Best Occasion and Location

Often, the best time to send flowers is when the service is ongoing, when the family of the deceased expects friends and other family members to arrive as the solemn occasion goes day by day. These flowers offer a comforting reminder that you are there to share their grief. Flowers also give a soothing effect with their colours and radiance.

Usually, larger flower arrangements placed on easels such as wreaths and sprays are left in the grave-site after the memorial service, while flower vases and baskets are brought home, depending on the customs and traditions.

In some circumstances when distance or the lack of time keeps you from preparing floral gifts in advance, it’s never too late to have them sent to the family of the deceased after the funeral rites are completed. Relatives may display them in their home. In this setting, smaller vases and plants make a perfect arrangement.

If you wish to send funeral flowers to Fremantle, many florists offer the option of delivering flowers to your desired address.

Funeral Directors in Fremantle

funeral cortege

funeral cortege

Dealing with loss is not a commonly occurring experience for most of us, and when the unexpected event comes, grief is always put above everything else. Sometimes, when indecisions happen, florists and funeral shops are always ready to provide you options for the funeral service.

Here are some of the most reliable funeral directors in Fremantle, Western Australia:

Funeral directors such as Bowra & O’Dea have been in business since the early 1900’s. Originally built as a coach-building company, Bowra & O’Dea eventually focused on funeral services and has now expanded to include 11 locations across Western Australia. But what’s admirable about the shop is that they understand the local traditions and the family’s needs. During a typical service, help is readily available for flower arrangements, and even children’s area is also made available. During the memorial rites, the Memorial Grove allows family members to plant a young tree as a tribute to the deceased.

Purslowe Funerals, which opened in 1907, still runs as a family business. Having five funeral homes in WA, Purslowe Funerals is also keen on details especially with grieving children. The people behind the company also offer tips on burial rites including cremation.

Another time-tested funeral home in the area is Chipper Funerals, built in 1889 and still maintains a good reputation of “connecting” with their clients by providing personalized services according to the client’s requests.

But for those who seek a natural burial, Prosser Scott & Coy, offers such services that do not use preservatives such as formaldehyde or other chemicals, even using biodegradable clothing and casket, referring to their funeral services as environmentally friendly. Burials are done in unmarked lots, but plants are placed on the grave-site.

Fremantle Cemetery

Fremantle Cemetery

Fremantle Cemetery has been servicing Western Australia for more than a century since 1898. With such a very long history, famous performers and even infamous convicts have been laid to rest here.

The entire area has all the walls, gardens and other structures built with limestone. Inside the cemetery stand three chapels, the largest of which is the West Chapel with a capacity of more than 200, while the smaller East Chapel can house more than 60 people.

carrying coffin to the cemetery

carrying coffin to the cemetery

The two commonly used chapels offer a welcoming ambiance for families and friends during the memorial services. Condolence lounges and an outdoor committal area are also put in place where those who pay respect to the deceased are welcomed to the chapel. Also, different burial rites are also welcome in Fremantle Cemetery. Even natural burial, in which the biodegradable coffins are laid in a special grave-site, is allocated in the area.

Sending Funeral Flowers to Fremantle

Spearwood Florist shop

Friends and family who would like to send flowers to Fremantle may contact this local florist in the area for quotes and special requests. Spearwood Florist delivers your floral gifts in Fremantle and anywhere near the area when feasible. Call on (08)9418 3532 or visit this website:

Here, choices abound as to what floral arrangements you prefer. The people behind Spearwood Florist also understand the needs of their clients because burial or funeral rites are not a common occurrence at all. Thus, some family members seeking for options do not have much idea or decisions to begin with, and that’s when Spearwood Florist comes in to provide choices and added services.

You can ask the staff to send flowers to Fremantle whenever you prefer. They can help arrange the floral gift in their places of destination to give it a more presentable look.

sympathy flowersYou can choose from among the different types of flowers the shop offers at a very affordable price. Options range from small floral bouquets in vases or baskets to large wreathes shaped according to your preference.

Simply discuss your needs with the staff and consider your requests done the same day or whenever you like. Other products offered by Spearwood Florist are coffin or casket sprays. They have a category at this webpage at dedicated mainly to funeral flowers for delivery in Fremantle.

With all the information in hand, better decisions are not far away. Because in times of loss, it is completely understood that grief sometimes takes over our entire thoughts, and sometimes we fail to see that life has to go on, and that right now, the best that we could ever do is to show the one we’ve lost our last efforts of love and care.

Many people shun the thought of entering into the funeral business. But imagine a world without those who venture into such otherwise noble undertaking, and you begin to appreciate the details of how you are taken care of in times of loss and despair.


funeral flowers on standing easelsA funeral can be a harrowing time for friends, family members, colleagues, and any number of people in the lives of the deceased. It most certainly is not the appropriate time to make any kind of etiquette faux pas, no matter how large or small. The same goes for either gifts or flowers. Want to make sure you are following all the standards of etiquette when sending funeral flowers? Here’s how:

Etiquette for Funeral Flowers is based upon Your Relationship with the Deceased

Open Heart WreathEtiquette for funeral flowers can change based upon your relationship for the deceased. For example, close family members are expected to buy some particular arrangements, such as those nearest the body, or on the casket. Then, extended family members are expected to buy other, standing sprays, wreaths, or large, dramatic arrangements for the funeral, or for those who attend to take home after the service. They can be either traditional or contemporary. Close friends can sometimes consider themselves members of the extended family. Those who are business associates or only acquaintances may consider sending smaller wreaths, arrangements, or baskets.

What if You Only Know a Friend or Relative of the Deceased?

Even if you do not directly know the deceased, you can still send the same type of the flowers you would if you were only a acquaintance or business associate. Or, if you know a loved one who is dramatically affected by the death of that person, you may want to send those people flowers, directly. Consider sending sympathy flowers, a gift basket, or flowers to their home or office. This shows them you still care why not possibly offending any of the close family at the funeral.

Religious Considerations

Do not ever assume that religious considerations has nothing to do with appropriate arrangements or funeral flower etiquette. For Protestant Christians, Baha’I, Buddhist, Mormon, and Eastern or Greek Orthodox worshippers, you can send nearly any arrangement. For those who are Buddhist, or Mormon, refrain from cross arrangements. Eastern and Greek Orthodox worshippers prefer white flowers. Catholics also find nearly all flower arrangements acceptable, though you may want to give them a mass card, instead. For Hindus, think about garlands instead of flower arrangements. In the case of Jewish friends, send gift baskets directly to the homes of mourners, unless you know for sure that their Synagogue welcomes flowers. Ask the family members of any Muslim before you send flowers to their funeral. They may wish you to donate to charity, instead.

Can I Still Send Flowers If I Missed the Funeral?

If you missed the funeral, you may still send sympathy flowers to the loved ones of the deceased, after the funeral, for up to a week. If you just missed the first visitation, you may send funeral flowers for the second (if there is one) or for the graveside service. Often times, you should just send flowers directly to the home of loved ones of the deceased, though, if you miss their funerals. Ask your local florist about what types of arrangements would be most thoughtful or appropriate and visit this blog.

Invitations with “In Lieu” of Flowers

For those invitations that say, “In lieu” of flowers, you may want to refrain from sending them. Instead, donate to a charity or organization on their behalf. Or, send a gift basket to the loved-ones. If all else fails, you can send a living plant directly to those who are in mourning. Living plants are not technically flowers, and will last much longer than floral arrangements. Some find them to be a fitting remembrance for those who have passed on.

Etiquette for Those Ordering Flowers

Finally, remember your etiquette when you order flowers. Figure out what you will say on the card. Also, have, on-hand, your preferred payment method. Know the full-name of the deceased, and where the funeral is taking place. Or, alternatively, know the name of the loved one you are sending flowers to, as well as their address. This assures you that there will be no errors in placing your order, where the flowers are delivered, or in payment being processed. Be sure to place your orders early, as this gives your florist more time to make the best arrangement possible.

Here are some of the funeral directors serving Perth area.

What would funeral ceremonies be like without flowers? No flowers in a funeral service would mean an extremely lacklustre occasion. Although there are a variety of flowers, there are some kinds of flowers that are used in funerals. If you are experiencing any confusion in choosing funeral flowers, here are the different types of flowers that are suitable for this type of ceremony.


Lilies are flowering plants that are native to the northern hemisphere. Lilies vary in height and can grow between 1 ft to 6ft. Lilies are large and emanate a beautiful fragrance. They come in colours such as yellow, white, orange, pink, red and purple. There are different types of lilies such as Tiger Lilies, Easter lilies, Calla lilies and Lily of the Valley. Lilies are commonly used at funeral ceremonies because of their symbolism of the restoration of the innocence of the deceased person. Calla lilies and Stargazer lilies are the two most popular flowers used. Calla lilies are widely considered as a symbol for reincarnation, while Stargazer lilies symbolize sympathy.


The rose is among the most popular of the species of flowers and belongs to the Rosacea family. There are over one hundred types of roses and they are available in a variety of colours such as red, pink, yellow and white. The best rose to use in a funeral ceremony is the dark crimson rose, which is a symbol of grief and sorrow. If you include a single rose in a bouquet, it is symbolic of your everlasting love for the deceased.


Chrysanthemums can be traced as far back as the 15th century and were first planted in China. There are over 30 species of Chrysanthemums and they are available in colours such as yellow, purple, white and red. In countries such as Italy, France, Croatia, Spain and Hungary, the flower is symbolic of death, mourning and grief.


These beautiful flowers emanate an intoxicating fragrance and are a popular choice for funerals. They were first used by the Greeks and Romans in garlands. The name carnation is derived from two Greek words “dios”, which means God and “anthos” which means flowers. As a result the flower is also known as the flowers of God. There are three types of carnations, large flowered carnations, which feature one large flower per stem, spray carnations which feature many smaller flowers and dwarf flowered carnations which feature many small flowers on one stem. Carnations are available in a wide variety of colours such as yellow, purple, green, white, pink, light red, dark red and striped.  Pink carnations are symbolic of remembrance and are ideal for funeral ceremonies.


The Gladiola is a beautiful, flamboyant flower and features over one hundred species. They have many different colours including red, white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green and salmon. Gladiolas vary in height and can grow between 2 feet to 6 feet tall. The flower is used in funeral ceremonies in fan sprays and denotes moral integrity, honour, strength and remembrance.


Hyacinths are quite stunning flowers and emanate a tantalizing fragrance when it blooms in the spring time. They vary in height and can grow between 8 inches and 12 inches. Purple hyacinths signify sorrow and are commonly used in funeral services.



There are over 15 species of Daffodils.  They are very vibrant and beautiful flowers that are known to herald the beginning of spring. Daffodils vary in height and can grow between 2 inches and 20 inches. The colours of this flower vary and feature white yellow and deep orange varieties. Daffodils denote renewal and fresh starts and are ideal flowers to be given to the bereaved family.
Flowers play a very important role in funeral services. However, flowers for this occasion should be carefully selected due to the symbolism of many flowers. To ensure protocol, stick to the flowers listed above when selecting flower arrangements for this type of ceremony.