sympathy arrangementSending funeral flowers or presenting floral arrangements to grieving loved ones at a funeral is a traditional way to show love and respect and to let family and friends know that you share in their loss and you feel their pain. The tradition reaches back generations and there are different customs according to culture. When you begin to think about sending funeral flowers to Rockingham in Western Australia (WA), here are some things that you should consider to ensure that your message comes across, and the flowers are received with love and gratitude.

What do funeral arrangements look like?

types of funeral flower arrangementsTraditionally funeral arrangements will be composed of white flowers. White flowers are a symbol of purity and therefore represent a spirit reaching a better place of peace and serenity. The way the flowers are arranged can differ, but in many cases you will see small or large vases, ornate sprays and most commonly wreaths. It is also possible to include red flowers in a funeral arrangement and many people choose a combination of white and red. The types of flowers which make up the arrangement can be anything you wish. For example, if the person passed on had a favourite flower, or a close relative such as a spouse or child has requested certain flowers then you can follow this suggestion. However, there are also flowers that are very common and will always be a safe bet. These flowers are lilies, calla lilies and carnations.

Should you include a card?

sympathy messagesIncluding a card with your floral arrangement is a very nice gesture. Many people also feel that it’s easier to put their feelings down in words than to say them out loud. It can also help the close family members of the deceased as they can look back at the cards and appreciate the love and support that is given to them by friends and family. The card included should be small and have a short message on it that is loving and empathetic.
Where should the flowers go?

If you are planning to send flowers for a funeral at Rockingham than you may wish to simply take them with you on the day of the funeral. However, there are also other options if you feel uncomfortable with this. Many people will instead choose to send sympathy flower arrangements or plants to the Rockingham recipient or the house of mourning. This will allow the family to appreciate and use the flowers for a longer period of time, and can help to brighten up a very depressing environment. Flowers should be able to remind the family that even though you aren’t always with them in person, you are always with them in spirit and they are always in your thoughts and in your heart. It’s a really good idea to try and time your flower delivery so the family can get the most benefit out of them.

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Other Options

White flowering plant

White orchid plant

If you feel that a traditional floral arrangement is not appropriate then this doesn’t mean that the option of sending flowers is completely off limits to you. Another great idea is to send the family a gift of a potted plant, or even a small tree. This is a gift that can keep on giving. It can be re-planted and seen as a memorial for the lost loved one. Serving as a constant reminder of the love shared between you all, and encouraging good memories. Also, funeral floral arrangements can often be quite pricy. Worrying about the cost is not something you want to be doing when you have lost someone you care about. However, it may be inevitable, especially in the case of sudden death. If you are in a situation such as this, then it may be a good idea to talk to other friends who are sharing in your grief. Instead of each of you purchasing small individual arrangements why not pool your money together and get something really special. This option will allow you a lot more freedom with your choice of arrangement, for example, you can add some touching personalisation to the arrangement and really tailor it to reflect the life and the loves of the one you lost. Also, pooling your money together will definitely help to keep the costs down. A large range of floral options is available at this Rockingham florist website at

The key thing to remember when ordering floral arrangements such as wreaths, casket sprays, crosses and sheafs for a funeral in Rockingham is to keep the loved and lost and their family members in mind at all times. You want to be able to provide some level of comfort and security in a trying, difficult and emotional time. Always try to make your arrangement as personal as you can, and keep the past and the future in mind. Take time over the message that will go on the card, as when they are read at such an emotional time those words will last forever.