Once the services are done and the dearly departed have been buried, it is time to manage what is left regarding the arrangements. Some people may find an over abundance of flowers and may not be entirely sure what to do with them all. The following are some common tips for what you can do after the service in Australia, and in many other countries.

Decorate the grave site and others.

flowers at grave siteMost of the arrangements can be taken to the cemetery, if there is a traditional burial. Wreaths can be set around the headstone and the casket cover, if not buried with, can lay over the ground in front, along with other arrangements. Typically the grounds keeping staff will dispose of the remnants once they die off. If there are still left overs after covering the grave then you can take the chance to place flowers at other sites. This is especially true for those with other family members in the same cemetery. Though, even if there are no others that you know in the graveyard, it is a beautiful gesture to lay fresh flowers at other graves, especially ones that have no signs of being visited in a while.

Disperse the flowers among those who attended.

One rather touching way to give mementos of the occasion is to allow guests to take home a flower that they select from often the largest arrangements. This tradition allows those who have to attend to clean up and finishing touches to have an easier time in dealing with them. Depending on how many flowers and arrangements were used, it may even be possible for ensure pieces to be re purposed into a home or office setting. Like weddings, deaths are unique events and are one thing that truly only happens once in the lifetime. Having a small keepsake from the day can often be used in remembrance pieces, in particular when the flower or flowers are dried, pressed and laminated. Which falls into another category of what to do with left over flowers.

Turn excess flowers into simple bookmarks or other types of mementos.

There tend to be registrars for those who attend funerals, they act as a sort of log and a means to give written words of condolence and hope. Having a guest book also gives the opportunity for those who paid their respects to leave an address, which the family can use to send thanks and moments to later. While it is not always the case, when there are a lot of flowers left over, they can be turned into lovely thank you gifts and moments. The simplest and easiest way to do that is dried and press the flowers and then line them up under laminate. They can be cut into simple bookmarks and easily embellished with a simple ribbon tassel on one end. These can be sent to those who attended and are often welcomed and treasured moments of the dearly departed.

Donating excess flowers is a nice touch as well.

flowers at grave site 2Church, retirement facilities and hospitals often welcome left over flowers from funerals. They can be used as decorations or dispersed among the guests and patients to help cheer them up. Sometimes, depending on the composition, larger arrangements can be given to business in large buildings, which can make use of such a thing in areas such as lobbies, where they have adequate space.

Another possible use for excess flowers is to ask the funeral director if there will soon be another service that does not have a lot or any flowers and donating the remaining flowers to them. For some families the financial burdens of a funeral leaves little to no room for flowers. By giving excess arrangements to other families, caretakers can honour the departed, especially if you know they would of happily done the same themselves.

Re purposing silk flowers after a funeral.

For times when silk flowers were used instead of real ones, the artificial flowers may or may not be able to be left at the grave site. Depending on the Flower and Ornament Policy Review, they may allow non degrading decorations at cemeteries managed by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. In these times, the arrangements can sometimes be donated to the funeral home or other funeral homes for other families. In these cases they can become a gift that is cherish-able by many different families in the years to come. Sometimes the arrangements can even be completely broken down and re purposed by the funeral florist as well. Wreaths made from silk flowers in particular can be simply modified and trimmed down for use on doors or home decoration, as as the smaller bouquets. No matter their end destination, silk flowers can be ever lasting mementos of the dearly departed that not only enrich your life, but can also enrich the lives of others.