Loss, no matter how expected, can be a painful experience. The emotional upheaval that comes with the death of a loved one is compounded by dealing with end of life decisions. Trying to hold a meaningful funeral, comply with the wishes of the deceased, mourn the loss and take care of all the details will sometimes overwhelm the designated family member. How can this loss be less traumatic? Taking steps in advance to establish end of life wishes will help the family be comforted knowing the details are already taken care of.

Funeral ServiceRemember that funeral services, memorials and tributes are for the benefit of the living. Grief affects people in different ways, and so the grieving process can be intensely personal. Some may appreciate a large celebration of life while others prefer to mourn quietly. Both are acceptable, and both can be a method of dealing with the grief.

Plan Ahead

Funeral-PlanningDeath is inevitable. Crossing socio-economic boundaries, religious beliefs and strength of will, death eventually comes for everyone. As harsh as that sounds, it is the stark reality that with life comes death. Coming to terms with death can be helped by making arrangements in advance whenever possible. Begin having conversations with loved ones as they age about their wishes and plans for their own end of life arrangements. Establish your own set of written provisions, and then communicate them to your loved ones and designated family member to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Having a written set of preparations will lessen the burden of trying to guess what the deceased would have wanted done. It also eliminates discussion over “What Mum would have wanted” because it is already written down. Purchasing a funeral package alleviates cost concerns at the time of death. Pre-planning funeral services will allow you to make decisions such as: burial or cremation, selection of cemetery, location of grave, above ground entombment.

Informed Decisions

An experienced funeral director will be beneficial to the planning of end of life choices, and can help you move through your grief. Whether through prearrangement or time of need services, a funeral director will handle the details of the funeral service, allowing you the time to mourn with your loved ones. They will help you make decisions about the hearse, flowers and mortuary along with other details to be handled. You may choose to web-cast your funeral service for the benefit of loved ones unable to attend the service, and your funeral director can assist you in making sure that takes place.

A Final Resting Place

Wall MemorialsSelecting a cemetery for the final resting place of the deceased can be overwhelming. The Midland Cemetery, located in the Swan view suburb of Perth, has facilities that can accommodate a variety of resting place options. Located in a rural area, the peaceful property has been a burial ground for over 100 years. Established during the early days of Western Australia’s colonization, Midland is the final resting place of some of the pioneers of Australia. With unique monuments and headstones to discover, it is a treasure trove of historical significance.

By purchasing the right to a grave-site, you are given a “Grant of Right of Burial” which is effective for 25 years. (Unused grants may be renewed by the purchaser for up to 50 years.) This grave-site is designated for one named individual and is non-transferable.

Families who wish to be buried together are encouraged to purchase multiple sites within one area, ensuring that their loved one’s final resting places will be near each other. The burial grounds at Midland are designed to hold three burials and multiple sets of ashes, providing an area that can be used cross-generational. This link to the past can be a source of great comfort to those who mourn their family members.


Midland is the only metropolitan area cemetery to offer below ground burial vaults. This is subject to availability, so pre-arrangement would be essential if you are certain this is the form of burial you would desire. Also available are traditional vaults. The concrete vaults are designed to accommodate two caskets, making it ideal for couples who wish to be buried together.

4.1.1Within the grounds of the cemetery are designated burial areas set aside for a select group of denominational beliefs and ethnicities. Over 13 different groupings are available to choose from such as: Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, etc. There is a Chinese pagoda marking the entrance to the Chinese portion of the cemetery. Non-denominational areas are available as well. Beautiful landscaped gardens, separate from the other areas, are provided for those who have suffered the loss of a baby. These garden areas can be used for the placement of remains or memorials. A serene section of the cemetery, this specially designated area can be a place of lasting comfort to grieving parents, family members and friends.


Garden Ground NicheThe Garden Ground Niche is a peaceful walkway through the beautiful garden grounds of Midland. This popular option places plaques along the edge of the side-walk through the gardens. Midland Reflection Wall is another meaningful way to offer tribute to a loved one. The limestone wall through the Jarrah Walk and Swan View is bordered by the Australian Bush, and provides a place for a memorial to the deceased. All memorial areas are non-denominational. Memorials can be placed with the ashes of the deceased if desired. Memorials may also be placed at any time – even years after the passing away. Sometimes, with the passage of time, family members feel they are ready to provide the remains of their loved one with a permanent resting place. A memorial is the perfect solution.

Ashes of a loved one can be laid to rest with a memorial or kept with family members. Some families choose to split the remains among family members and a permanent resting place. Providing a place of permanent rest gives future generations a connection point that can be visited over and over again.


Midland Mausoleum2An enclosed sanctuary surrounds the 48 double-crypt mausoleum at Midland Cemetery. The sanctuary provides privacy and moments of peacefulness near the resting place of their loved one. This beautiful facility has four levels of crypts: Prayer, Heart, Eye, and Heaven. Exacting details and quality workmanship make this an excellent choice. Completed in 2004, the mausoleum is nearing capacity. No plans for expansion or addition have been made, so pre-arrangement is strongly encouraged to ensure availability. Underground vault burial is available at the mausoleum as well, contact client services to check on availability of this option.

Planning Your Service

Do you have a meaningful song that you would like played? Are there religious beliefs that you would like included in your funeral service? Which family members would you like to participate in the service, if any? Would you prefer a graveside service? All of these answers can be included into your preplanned funeral service package. With the help of your funeral director, you can detail out the service that you would like to have, taking another burden off of your family members. A recent trend has people writing their own obituary. You can write your own public memorial – highlighting the events and details that are most important to you and be a source of comfort to your loved ones.

Unplanned Death

Death can be unexpected. The loss of a young person, tragic accidents or disease can strike without a moment’s notice. The client services department at Midland can help walk you through the unexpected tragedy with grace and dignity. Services, notices, burial decisions can all make you feel as though you are grieving alone, with an enormous weight as your companion. The professionals at Midland will come alongside you and help carry the burden of planning. While they cannot lessen your grief, knowing that someone will be there with you to celebrate the life of your loved one can be a tremendous comfort.

Funeral Services

Midland MausoleumGraveside services at Midland can be meaningful and poignant. To ensure the reverence a funeral demands, attendees are asked to remain at the gate of the cemetery until the funeral cortège arrives. They may then follow behind the cortège to the site of the burial. Flower arrangements and memorials may be ordered for delivery to the funeral. Mourners may select a variety of colours and arrangements to express their condolences on the loss. Flowers can be a fitting reminder of the frailty of life – beautiful for a season but eventually withering away. Flowers may be placed at the graveside as memorials and celebrations of their life.

Visiting Your Loved One

Returning to the burial site can provide comfort and closure to family members and friends. The peacefulness of Midland makes it a place where family members can come and reminisce, sit near the resting place and talk, or just feel near to the deceased. Being able to physically go to the place your loved one is buried can assist in moving through the grieving process.

The cemetery is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Vehicles may enter the grounds from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and on public holidays and 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Tokens of Remembrance

Fresh and artificial flowers are both welcome as tributes at burial sites and memorials. Read more about funeral flower delivery in Perth, Western Australia. Families are asked to assist in removing withered tributes to help reduce the amount of litter on the property. The cemetery staff is respectful of the grieving family, and does not wish to impede on the placement of floral arrangements at the resting place. Families are asked to maintain the area at their loved one’s grave – remove packaging and weathered flowers immediately.

Plaques and headstones are available in a range of sizes and prices. Your funeral director can help you select one that will be fitting for the resting place of your loved one. Whether on a memorial or a vault, a beautiful plaque will notify people of the life that is celebrated.

Contacting Midland Cemetery

Midland Burial AreaThere are no office facilities at Midland. People who wish to contact a Midland Cemetery Staff regarding burial options at Midland may do so by contacting the Pinnaroo location or go to this web-page.

You have multiple options for the final resting place of you and your family. Midland is strategically placed to accommodate the needs of most families – whether mourning a beloved parent, child or other family member, Midland will offer you a place where your memories can bring joy and comfort. The thoughtful care of the client services department will ensure that your service is exactly what you wanted, and that your loved one’s remains will be handled with respect and dignity. More than just a one-time visit, Midland can offer your family a place that they can return to over and over and experience the comfort of knowing you are at rest.


Mourning the loss of a loved one can provide a sense of closure to the family members left behind. A thoughtful, well-planned service can help the grieving to move on to a place of acceptance and begin to heal. Taking the responsibility off the shoulders of your loved ones is one of the most gracious steps a person can take. It places your family in the position to be able to mourn without stressing over details like payment, services and what to do with your remains. People often want to avoid thinking about death. Ignoring the topic does not make it go away – it adds to the stress of death! You would not question the need for auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance and the like. Don’t avoid the subject of your own death, or neglect to pre-purchase funeral and burial arrangements. Think of it as “death insurance”. While not pleasant to think about, when you need it, you want it to be available. Contact the funeral director at Midland today to begin the process of funeral pre-planning. Let your last legacy be one of thoughtfulness to your family.