During a time of grief, sending flowers is a traditional and simple way to express your feelings. The services of a florist are the easiest way to fulfil this time-honoured way of expressing condolences and paying tribute. An experienced florist can give advice on customs and etiquette as well as on the types of flowers and arrangements available.

Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy FlowersWhile funeral flowers are always sent directly to the funeral home, sympathy flowers are sent to the relative’s home. For this reason, they are designed differently. Funeral flowers are designed with the funeral home and/or graveside setting in mind. Sympathy flowers are usually smaller than funeral flowers and plants may be sent instead of flowers.

Honouring the Australian Remembrance Day and Its Veterans

Patriotic bouquets are made from red, white and blue flowers. Adorning the arrangement with a flag is fitting. The colours of the flag represent values that are very in keeping with a funeral occasion. Red signifies courage, valour, and life. White represents purity and peace, while blue symbolizes justice and perseverance. Carnations are frequently used because they are available in all three of these colours. Florists are experienced in finding ways to adopt bouquets and wreaths for the occasion. They can utilize spray paint or ribbons to add certain colours. Other flower options for red, white and blue could be white lilies, blue statice, red roses and poppy. They can be used in any of the arrangements listed below.

Children’s Funerals

Feelings of grief for the loss of a child are especially tender. Representations of angels are frequently used. Small teddy bears, rabbits, or cherubs are often incorporated into the designs. Softer colours are customary.

Classic Funeral Arrangements

Sometimes a family chooses a theme for the funeral represented by a specific colour or type of flower. The funeral home should have this information. There are many options when selecting funeral bouquets. Any type of flowers can be used.

Casket Spray and Enclosure Pieces

Casket or coffin sprayKeep in mind that it is customary for immediate family to select the casket, or coffin spray. It is placed atop the casket and is usually very large and elegant. Small pieces for enclosure may be shaped like rosaries or pillows. Colours are customized, for example to denote male or female.

Funeral Spray

This is a popular choice because there are so many ways to individualize the bouquet. Different designs, shapes, colours, sizes and flowers allow for unique expressions. The shape of a double ended spray is multi-directional and tapers at two ends. Flowers and stems of a single ended spray are aligned in one direction. A standing spray can be supported on an easel or against the casket.

Funeral Wreaths

WreathWreaths are the best known funeral arrangement. Designs can be modern or traditional. The circular shape of wreaths expresses the continuation of life as well as the eternal quality of love. Wreaths can be heart shaped to show love and compassion.

Funeral Crosses

funeral floral crossFor many Christians a cross-shaped funeral bouquet is exceptionally comforting. It is very simple to individualize the cross with different flower colours and types. Sometimes a religious flower display includes a statuette or solid cross. Florists are knowledgeable about different religious customs.

Flower Baskets

flower basketFlower baskets can sit on the floor or a table. They are always fitting and attractive. Sometimes the basket or vase used can be a keepsake or table centrepiece.

Cushion and Pillow Bouquets

Cushions and pillows are symbolic of the peace and serenity of the deceased’s final rest. They can be placed in the coffin or on the floor or a table top.

Choosing Specific Flowers

Flowers express sentiment. Symbolism or simply taste can guide flower selection. Some flowers are more traditional for funerals but any flowers can be used. Florists are aware of local customs and can guide the buyer. Chrysanthemums are a traditional funeral flower and have a range of colours. They are easily adapted to different shaped designs, like pillows and wreaths. Roses are popular for their stunning beauty. Rose colours include red, which signifies passion, yellow, meaning remembrance and friendship, pink for femininity, elegance, and grace, and white for innocence. Carnations are a traditional funeral flower with white symbolizing truth and red signifying passion. Irises are indispensable because of their perennial blue colour. They signify faithfulness and hope. Other symbolic associations are sweetness of disposition with honeysuckle, cheerfulness with coreopsis, and wisdom and integrity with aloe. Lilies signify peace and come in different shapes and colours. At times lilies are difficult to work with and need more time to prepare. People can accommodate more exotic tastes by contrasting unusual colours or by using seasonal flowers, bird of paradise, sunflowers or orchids. Other flower symbols include violet for faithfulness, tulip for love, orange blossoms for purity/virginity, and ivy for eternal fidelity.

Choosing a Florist

Certain florist websites are not trustworthy. Some websites represent that they are florists while actually being intermediaries and charging a service fee. Stick with reputable and/or local florists. Local florists are able to connect customers with reliable out of town florists. Not everyone uses florists – a person with the creativity and know-how can create a suitable bouquet. Florists are helpful because they can ease stress during a difficult time by helping with card wording and choosing a design. At this site: http://www.spearwoodflorist.com.au/perth/funeral-flowers.html, you can send funeral floral tributes to Perth WA, any-time and from anywhere.

Funeral Flower Traditions

Adorning funerals with flowers is a centuries old custom. Using a florist can ease the distress of making decisions during a stress filled time. Signing the card with your first and last name will avoid confusion and ensure that the family knows that you are thinking of them. Keep words simple and avoid clichés. Acknowledge the sadness and loss of a loved one’s death. It is fine to use a pre-printed card, but add a personal note. Florists are able to guide bouquet selections based on season, price, and customs. When words are difficult to say, sending flowers lets people know that you are thinking of them. The elegance, beauty and fragrance of flowers is transcendent.

More information about The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board which manage cemeteries and memorial garden sites in Perth, Western Australia.

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